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  2. 20 - spend it on some golf stuff 200 -bank 2,000 - bank 2,000,000 - put it in my ira and the rest in my brokerage and try to back door some into my ira? Whatever it is, it'll get invested and I'd continue working becauss that's not enough for me to retire right away.
  3. Where I live if you can buy a gun then you surely can bribe a criminal 😂 In here guns are too expensive and take too much effort to get the license AND the proper training. But would I buy one if I could? I'm not sure either. Never got into a situation where I needed and don't really know what my instinctive reaction would be if I carried one. Btw, hi guys I'm shy 😅
  4. Golf, finance, investing, and allen edmonds
  5. Dual citizenship. My wife has family on Syros too, so we know the locals and were able to cut out the middle man and talk down the seller more. Things there are more about having relationships. The real issue there is taxes... we took out a loan to help, but I'm not concerned. I' created a spreadsheet that models out all of the details (expected rent/expenses/depreciation/interest expense/taxes)
  6. We apologize for the fault in the rebalancing announcement. Those responsible have been sacked.
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