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    IMK, AMA

    Flip Flops mostly consisted of DI/DF when DI changed sides I believe during the middle of some fight DI members were asked to mass leave Flip Flops. 1) Were you there when that happened? What was your reaction? 2) What was your reaction when Selvah picked the team over his clan at the time? 3) To what extent do you think Flip Flops closing had to do with the DI/DF rift versus really the lack of action/high opts fights?
  3. Seemed pretty solid at their prime but unfortunately didn't make it far enough for the potential they had. Wilderland.
  4. Nobody can stop this man anymore
  5. My closet friend has been @Amanda with her crazy ass. Been a great friend over the years.
  6. Today
  7. Turned up to @Titans house once and he pretended he wasn't inside but I could see him playing world of warcraft through the window
  8. Paul

    IMK, AMA

    what made the 3 callers across FF (me/joko/david) different do you think there was really anything that made FF better/different or was it just better member/callers/etc than everyone else do you remember when it was that we had such a long win streak lol
  9. I'm not getting on a train to your home turf until you can reliably score 100 without the bumpers kid
  10. foot long chicken and bacon on tiger bread with lettuce, gherkin and peppers topped with sriracha sauce.
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