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    93 cooking

    massive, almost there.
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  4. I heard that it's good. I also heard that it's shit. Go figure.
  5. I can't believe frodos gay
  6. not seen it yet, may watch it but would prob wait for the first season to be done so i could watch all @ once usually pretty bad about watching shows week to week
  7. i made a zerk, turned it into a med. Havent logged in a while, buts it has sick starts its maxed aleady
  8. Yo yo yo waddup fellas where you able to catch new amazon prime series on lord of the rings? ITs pretty dope, to be honest im liking it a lot, there are only 5 episodes at the moment, really well made. Galadriel a hottie Please avoid spoling for people that have not seen it!
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