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  2. 8 hours on week days on the computer at work and about 3-5 hours outside work. Definitely over 12 hours total
  3. Peak DF 2009 VR or 2007 DF
  4. Hit a homeless dude and broke a headlight. Had to buy another fucking headlight rip
  5. Yesterday
  6. Damn glad you're still here alive and kicking it brother we gotta run unturnt for good memories. I remember jumping off the roof at my friends house and dislocated my ankle, not unlucky but dumb
  7. That is the oldest Thieving level Pic that I have lol
  8. Nowadays depending on how i'm feeling max probably 12 hours playing games, if working probably like 1 hr max.
  9. Wanted to become a cop when I was a child, ended up becoming a Network Administrator lol
  10. I think tom brady can take a premier league to the super bowl
  11. Even the website is unavailable.
  12. unluckiest day for me was when I broke my femur in a car accident. changed my life
  13. Did this at like 102 cmb..... grats though
  14. 11h-13h during mon-fri: 8h-9h for work + 3h-4h more because I don't know what else to do during these COVID lockdowns. 5h-7h during weekends: way to much usually ((I try to not touch it till 7pm and do more productive things like cleaning, reading, walking etc...but that doesn't always work out as planned)
  15. My unluckiest period without a doubt started about a month before my 5th birthday. I was in the hospital for 6 months straight then in and out for a couple of days per month for 2 years. That triggered insecurities as a pre-teen that lead to depression as a teen that I finally grew out of 2 years ago. Depression got me addicted to this game and now I'm stuck playing a 20 year old clicking game with a bunch of boomers. So you could say that my lives unluckiest period triggered my lives second unluckiest period, which is being stuck with you lot
  16. I accepted a job offer prior to graduating college in May 2020. However, the company rescinded their offer in April 2020 because of COVID. 😞
  17. Lmao I dunno why but this is good
  18. Ssj

    The Future is scary

    "With teeth with so many spaces it looks like her tongue is in jail" Bruh
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