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  1. Check the mirror 💓 Here come the no namers: Gvcc (CR) Dante Cage(Team Trinity) Tainted Flow(CR) Smooth Edge(Gen) Kempokid(Gen) ThatBoyRange(Critical Damage) Red Fatass1 (Dragonwood) Alden0(Dragonwood) Beybladex90(TKO Blitz) There's several more but don't want to offend anyone.
  2. Nice one @NeverSober Tempy stays winning
  3. I Kill Batty

    More 99s

    99 Dark Magician For Tempy
  4. Only 91? That never stopped you from slaying n............. before....
  5. I Kill Batty

    Ely for Tea-ka

    Great job you gypsy
  6. "Ya know what I-ya-do when I have issues" I'm guessing fuck your girlfriend isn't among those.
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