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  1. Trio Drop. @Eric`` @NeverSober
  2. So this is where True was "busy all day." Grats Sheli.
  3. Grats. I will be joining you soon.
  4. 7+1 Raid. Dry Streak is finally over. 11.8m drop. @Nancy@True 2k8@sheli~@VirgoVaca
  5. Why did you make the forum account for your friend? Did he have a disability that prevented him from doing so and if that is the case, in your professional opinion would someone with a disability who couldn't create a forum account be fit to play video games? If the issue was of security, what makes you think that this security issue would not still be there after creating the forum account? I don't know much but I would like to learn of past endeavours of influential people of Runescape.
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