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  1. Did you shittalk Morg when the Raiders beat the Browns? Also, TANK for Fields/Lawrence baby!
  2. Someone teach @NeverSober how to be a DM
  3. Wait, was that Hockey!? @True 2k8
  4. When I was in 'The' I wanted to try out Corr or ST (Sacred Templars, the precursor to EH). I do kinda regret that I was a really awkward kid when I was trying to join DS and couldn't really find a clique of people I could be friends with so I ended up spending a year as FA and having nothing to show for it. Was always really interested in actually experiencing what it was like being a member of a big and active clan at that time. Of course I got to experience this with DF a little later in my life but I do look back on DS as a 'what if'. When I was in DF, I always admired TT a lot and thought both clans had a similar honor code and mentality to losing and accepting outside help. TT was the only clan I feel that when we got beat by TT when they were #1, it was because they were actually better than us at warring/pk run ins. Also CR - CR had a lot of of my best and closest post-clanning RS/internet friends currently so its a interesting 'what-if' to know if I would have been as close or even closer had I shared a clan with them.
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