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  1. Imagine leaning on pure clans, holy shit. Good job Tempest.
  2. Victoria

    For Teemo

    P.S. @Vanzant tell your Black Knights to off or I'll beat them to death with a Hill Giant club.
  3. Victoria

    For Teemo

    I TOLD YOU I WAS WORKING ON IT! [125 Combat]
  4. Lol two clans crash our fight only to get ran out East to West Into singles. What a joke. Don’t hit us if you can’t handle it.
  5. I’m gonna break your fingers you wooden shoe-wearing Hill Giant.
  6. Gotta go with Bruce. -Saved Earth from certain doom -Screwed over an underworld Mob Boss, beat his ass, then saved him -Saved Earth from space -Went back in time and saved Humanity from a plague -Formed a team of geriatric Super Soldiers to take on a Government sanctioned hitsquad
  7. DI was very regimented in its original iteration. That being said the community was very solid and very tight, and people knew when it was appropriate to screw around and when to get serious. I think you would have gotten on well there from the little bit I know of you. Not a question btw, just an observation I wanted to follow up with.
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