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  1. Well done everyone! Not my best showing personally, didn’t do a great job R1 and then had to leave but before I didn’t think I would make it at all. Will do better next time.
  2. I loved this competition. Haven’t made so much money in 10 days since rev caves came out 10/10 should do again
  3. So good, still next sigil is ely drop rate let’s go
  4. C6 Chris


    Took my breath away momentarily ugh
  5. 1. DI 2. DF 3. ROT 4. RSD 5. DS 6-10: VR/EOS/TT/EH/Corr
  6. C6 Chris

    AMA - Mat K

    Thanks for doing this, should be really interesting. How are you doing during the pandemic? Hope all is well and wish you good health. What has been your favorite update to OSRS since the launch? Are there any particular updates you wanted to see that never happened? Favorite era of RS and why? Do you think the 75% poll requirement has created issues within the game (ex: wilderness refresh/clan based updates hard to pass)? Do you think more updates should be done without a poll? Did you/Jagex ever consider making party hats, Santa hats, etc. “rare” in OSRS? If so, was the idea rejected immediately and why? What do you think of events such as DMMT? Want to join your fellow boomers in this here clan? Also, you're hilarious:
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