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  1. The members were starving for it, unfortunately complete and utter incompetent leadership plagued the clan for many years, every time 'THE' made a serious push, a garbage group of upper leadership would make sure to stomp them back down. You're the shit bro, I love how even without a mic you actually get involved with the community, which in my opinion is wone of the most important thing for an official. Plus you're the head graphics designer of the BBU, what is there not to love?? Good god Fuck: Panda cuz you can tell he takes it in the ass Marry: Dreambasher because hed cook and clean Kill: Firehands9 cuz hes from boca de raton - I've only played multiple games with you, mona, joe and panda soooo Out -> Mona -> Eric/Joe -GIANT POWER GAP- Panda Yes so You, me, and @Teemo could form a classic british faggot unit
  2. Eric``

    99 herb

    Ge skilling are we
  3. 6 foot party sub😎
  4. none ;D Bmt Provolone cheese on white bread toasted with onions and green peppers on it. after toast Japs olives banana pep tomato, salt tomato mayo and mustard. Oh, and parm
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