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  1. Like Unagi, or just straight up eel? Cause that sauce is key
  2. All the Mith swords and all of theirs meds, could never make RoT relevant in the end. Can't imagine how their members continue to follow such shitty leadership.
  3. Thanks Af, Wil, and Grandpa n' the boys! ] Gf was fun
  4. gf eric's hardness is increasing
  5. Creamy like my soul and my pants
  6. Mostly shit like you describe. He was an old member of the clan that went to HC early in my time. He had a short stint of activity as HC, but had to deal with the Rad schism because of a dumb decision to promote Demon over Rad despite Rad having been a HC/Warlord since I joined. Generally, he would come to the first 1-2 hours of a fight, then leave through most of his time due to timezones/work/uni. However, he would then come on at the end of fights or the next day and backseat QB our decisions. Then, like you describe would take the credit for good things/wins and then tell members 'if I was there that would never happen' for decisions that ended up bad. When my time came, Shaid, Magic, and I were the day to day leaders who actually were interacting and observing fights, he over-ruled quite a few promotion decisions. Ultimately, I got kicked for calling him out on going back on a promise he made a long time ago not to rerank a certain person because they had caused issues previously, and he KB'ed me from TS and the clan. I didn't dislike him as a clanmate, but he was a back-stabber/secretive official who constantly put one face to members and his shitty side to other officials mainly when he no longer needed them. Ironically enough I had an Australian prof in Grad school who was the same way.
  7. If you could have kicked anyone out of any of your clans, why would you kick Demonchild27?
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