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  1. I would like to say someone from Silent Ember too. Tika191 - Set up a cwa fight with EOS thinking they'd actually show up.. he pmed me and everything asking if it was on and I said hell ye.. only mar, oli and allstar showed up in full chicken outfits or whatever it was IDIOT
  2. Matthew


    lucky guy you are
  3. if someone can find that eos video where they had some guy dressed as jesus please post it, been looking forever but can't find it
  4. Unfortunately not, Strong Warrior Tika191 would've been 11 at the time lol.
  5. dont hate on my boys like that
  6. Matthew

    Claw # 8

    share the loot so you can feed the arena addiction
  7. sucks I missed it, looked like you guys had a blast
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