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  1. Null

    Sig for Brian

    wow that's actually pretty cool, gj 👍
  2. Yo I remember u from Di forums 👍
  3. Brian get those videos uploaded lad
  4. Null

    AMA - Mat K

    Crack the clue was amazing btw, who came up with the idea for it and were you surprised it took so long to find the helmet? Id love to see more stuff like that added to the game
  5. Null

    AMA - Mat K

    You are a legend Mat, thanks for doing this 👍 Any cool stories of players doing things they shouldn't or getting to places they weren't meant to be that the community hasn't heard about over the years? Ever been recognised in the streets by players outside of runefest and stuff? If so does it bother you or has it been a positive thing for you? Apart from the removal of the Wilderness, the Grand Exchange and EoC, what would you say was the most game changing update to the game before Rs3?
  6. 👍 all the best guys
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