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  1. Hey Krystal I remember you from Zybez and your pixel sigs that you use to make back in the day. You & @Mona should try Valorant if you like Overwatch/FPS. Both are really similar.
  2. Hey Quincy think I played Among us with you last week
  3. Kenny

    2100 Total

    You still play? Congrats
  4. Who came up with those EOS recruitment videos?
  5. @Oli rate @true L4D2 skills out of 10
  6. What was your most memorable/favourite fight you had with EOS? Did you actually find it fun doing 'laps' around the Wilderness when you tried outlasting?
  7. Which clan did you both hate the most?
  8. Kenny

    Maxed woot

    Real maxed players have an infernal cape like @Tika191
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