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  1. My preference would be just a plain hot dog with ketchup on it, but I could eat it with onions and it wouldn't be awful. No issues here.
  2. Program Quality Engineer for a Defense Contractor.
  3. I love the guy but agree with this.
  4. Hawaiian (Ham and Pineapple). All other pizza combinations are inferior.
  5. Hey Bekka! Welcome to the forums! Seems like you're on the right track, keep training and hanging around the community!
  6. I'll echo the items in inf's list. The only things I'd touch on first is that you can either buy dumbbells or get a set of adjustable dumbbells for more range and options starting out. You can hit every muscle group between the above items and bodyweight movements. Sure, there are things you can target better or hit a little harder with specialized equipment in the gym, but you can definitely stay active with just this. And depending on where you live, you may not even need cardio equipment. You can always run outside, bike, swim or run stairs in your house repeatedly. Based on what gear you have, we can recommend specific exercises, so just let us know!
  7. This. There are plenty of things you can do at home, do you have anything? We can give suggestions/recommendations. What do you have access to?
  8. Thanks for doing this. In the period that I played, the two clans I felt like we had the biggest rivalries with were VR first and foremost, and then EoS. I always felt like I was able to have a good, reasonable conversation with @Mar and never had any issues personally. I specifically remember numerous EXTREMELY long fights. Do you regret these? Do you think they were still fun to this day? I personally despised the hours+ long fights and I think that is part of what ended up pushing me away from the game years ago. It was inevitable, given the ability to return, just like dragging became commonplace, things always evolve, but I can't help but feel that those extremely long fights ruined part of the clan world, Jagex being the final nail in the coffin with the removal of the wilderness. CWA just wasn't the same.
  9. Loving the Slayer gains! Nice whip from Abby's, too.
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