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    very cool 🙂 edit: omg thought ur signature was ur message on my topic haha
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    I am GHJJF - AMA

    nice to see you're back 🙂
  3. Runescape Name tentacion Preferred Name joey Discord ID joey#1337 Current Clan retired in fo Previous Clan History eop - 2014-18 some other pure clans after eop closed, never held an interest to the game/pures and ended up going inactive in all. some main clans/teams in 2015-16 Are you interested in joining? just saying hi Brief Introduction howdy im joey. ive been around the clanning community for several years and spent most of my time on osrs contributing to eop. since eop closed in 2018, i've been pretty driven on career while taking a step back from the game. i work as a software engineer at a large silicon valley tech company. im extremely passionate about leveraging my skillset to help do good in the world and helping others through whatever medium i can. on the side, i write technical content on a blog and run a discord community that is dedicated to helping people break into these large tech companies and interview prep. outside of tech, i like corgis, leaking my data to china thru using tiktok, and exploring nature 🙂
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