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  1. Was this guy good? We treated him like he basically didn't have a mouse lol
  2. All held ranks in Divine Forces.... Leader Myself + @Bunty Co-Leaders IMK, Rene, @Blue Wall Warlords @David, @AZF1, Pkbros, Dennisbruv, @Homedawg .... Councils @Dalejamesw, Shinobi, Jelle, Cutekiyaa, Murray Storm Trooper @Rohan, @Pengy, Zedest (his energy at fights was contagious) @Geezerpunk (P2P god), Demon edit: broke the rules, w/e
  3. @Leader true ≈Officer David Venenatis ~Wise Ass Brian Gochance1 The End Vanuckle Captain Tika191 Privileged Ashley Wee Man
  4. i prefer designed-by-nolan
  5. No troll, what's Dynasty been up to?
  6. @AZF1 just remember you're beefing with a clan that accepted Chainsaw35
  7. bump, needed some positivity
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