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  1. How do you move your camera: - Both mouse wheel and arrow keys, like a proper gamer, cos of my remapped F keys Age: - 28 Do you use F keys?: - Yes
  2. Grats man decent
  3. Deadly ,man one of the best pets in the game by a long shot
  4. That rc level though oooh 🤪🤪🤪🤪
  5. Stewie

    One more

    Well in supreme leader I believe in you
  6. Stewie

    96 con

    cr died
  7. Fuck man nice, nice PB also
  8. Grats man I've literally had the Kandarin Elite "Get level 5 all BA roles" as my last task to do for all for over a year lol
  9. Stewie

    94 RC

    Deadly man 2.2k world soon
  10. LND, when we were first starting out, 9 I think to another clans 15, pretty sure it was Matched Opts Melee Binds and we left Overheads on as well, probably took a couple days to finish the fight XD
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