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  1. Zammy pet is legit like one of my favourite pets and I'm over 3 times your fucking kc without it.......... But nah man well in some crazy rng sir!
  2. Octopus for me probably, but to most people Haggis would probably be weirder
  3. We've evolved as a species to eat meat and hunt to continue living for as long as possible, I see it as absoluite idiocy to restrict your diet of such macronutrients and things like amino acids that your muscles and brain require to function and repair.
  4. Aye a remember man, am never on Steam anymore though don't play any Steam games just RS nowadays, will catch you in the True's CC if you're idling there bud
  5. Wheeeyyy what is happening Taz sir!. Stone's here as well if you remember him bud. What's been going on man? Been fucking ages
  6. Honestly I can't remember what I did, Cloudflare probable tbh, but I had a load balanced server that I hosted LND Teamspeak and TS on and a few other clans I'm sure, so might've moved it there? Not sure if you kept Envy with the original hosting provider?
  7. I do a lot of research on both the first and second World War, bit of a hobby of mines. I've visted a few of the battlefields in France and Belgium (Normandy (all beaches; Gold, Sword, Utah, Juno, Omaha), Ypres (Passchendaele), The Somme and am planning on visiting more of these places, such as Arras, Mons, Bastogne, Diepe etc. etc. there's so many lol, once COVID subsides. I'd say I'm probably actively more interesated in WW1, because after the Second Boer War the change in technology and types of warfare really developed and became in a way a bit more brutal, also the politics at the time leading up to WW1 are pretty interesting too, regarding the different Empires etc. Also how the lead up to WW2 was influenced by the conditions of the Treaty of Versaille etc. I could literally sit here for ages typing shit haha so I'll stop here.
  8. Nice couple spears solo, pays for a good few more infernal runs
  9. That's pretty cool man nice
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