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  1. FORGOT ABOUT HIM. Also came here to say Koutla60 and Eastlandss
  2. I love mushrooms. I am pro "pineapple on pizza". Finely chopped spinach, artichokes, feta, Kalamata olives
  3. this is a good pick, but also fuck me up with the chipotle one. that's my favorite. even the chipotle tabasco is the best
  4. stay away from big womanizers in this clan like @true and @Mona
  5. ok so tell me about ur favorite hot sauce then 🙂
  6. tempest keeps getting richer as the US's economy fails. We are the top 1%
  7. VirgoVaca


    gz woodyyyyyyyyyy ❤️ ty 4 drop party
  8. i think I've been in clans and teams with you before, either way familiar name. welcome to the community and we hope you stick around 🙂
  9. gz i hate that place
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