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  1. Tika191

    99 farming

    Gratz you victim lmao!!!
  2. who u callin a boomer
  3. think i already posted this one but im listening to it again like an absolute madman
  4. Gratz on the incredible accomplishment
  5. thank you for your thoughtful commentary Pin
  6. Yeah my clan accepted Chainsaw sometime in 2013 and while my memory isn't the greatest I don't remember having any problems with him. If anything, we'd had people fuck with us out of game previously and one of our ranks made the observation that he became almost like our nuclear deterrent lol
  7. Reading all those staff names brings back some memories, damn
  8. i saw 7 killing true, that was their peak i think
  9. craziest pet rng ive ever seen lol
  10. Any cousin of tim is a cousin of mine, welcome
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