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  1. I'm glad someone pointed this out. The prior leadership was extremely bureaucratic when they set up fights. This definitely changed as me, Jay, Dave, etc worked our way up the ranks. Not to highjack your topic or make this about COR, but COR was always willing to fight every and anyone no matter the circumstances. We would fight clans knowing we may very well lose, we would fight clans completely out of our timezone (think like the liths or the aussies) and we would do it consistently. Setting fights up with clans like RSD, EH, and TT you knew they would only fight on their terms. It was annoying. If you love or hate COR that's fine - for most people it would definitely be "hate" - but we were always willing to fight and I think one of the easiest clans in the clan world to set up fights with. I think that's COR's legacy - much like EoS - is that we were always willing to fight. Appreciate you mentioning that. As for the AMA... don't have much to add but for whatever its worth I have long said that Oli, Mar and Corbin were the best 1-2-3 in the game. Don't really think anyone has rivaled EoS top 3. For my money Oli and Corbin were the best I had ever heard or seen. I've pretty much heard any of the people mentioned on any topic about fall-in leaders and for my money you guys were the best. Thanks for doing the AMA
  2. @His Lordship types exactly how he talks
  3. Kebab was the best clan official I came across outside of COR. He would have been a high ranking official in any clan he joined. At one point we spoke every other day, most times daily. I would love to speak to him again. TT had a lot of really cool people and I always admired the internal structure of the clan. When I was first named leader of COR I really wanted to change the structure of our clan to be similar to TT's (to the point where there were posts in leader forums about it) but it was just too late in the game. Nobody was going to put up with long FA periods & selective processes after ~2009 ish. If you didn't have those processes and customs in place it was almost impossible to change your ways. At that point it was too easy to leave and join a clan that suited your needs and interests. I always admired TT. TT also bailed COR out more times than I can count. I think I was more active in TT's IRC than COR's and at one point I even had access to TS even though I was obviously not in the clan. IMO, COR was the most hated clan for a number of years (2009-2011) for sure. TT ALWAYS ac'd for us against anyone, no questions. Selfishly I'd say that was because I worked so hard to become so close to TT officials + members to the point that Kebab or Brad would pretty much do anything for me. TT were good people. May sound odd, but I wish TT were a truly dominant clan that could stake their claim alongside the likes of COR, DF, DI, RSD, etc. because you guys were absolutely good enough - just did not have the early history that the other big players had. TT will likely never get their due because of that but TT was truly a great clan.
  4. Wish I had something to contribute but talk about a nostalgia overload... so cool to see. Props to people for saving things.
  5. proud to have offered my services for @Bolton Squad's removal
  6. Any fights against EoS, TT, and RSD were excruciatingly boring
  7. Most P2P clans/teams used it and a few of us in leadership came from mostly P2P clans. I dunno why but most P2P clans/teams used Vent back in the day. I always preferred Vent to TS and at the time it seemed like Vent was a bit safer from ddosing and those sorts of things. I have no clue if it actually was, but I remember reading about it somewhere and so we switched.
  8. I was retired when he joined The reunion trip was a blast. We will definitely do it again provided rs is still around... probably not for another year or so. It came together really quick. We had like 60 people. Good fun
  9. Never really felt like any clans compared I had some close people do some universally frowned upon things in the clan world. Not often, but I did it. I did it out of retaliation because I had a strong case that it was being done to us. You can prob put the pieces together
  10. Haven't spoken to him in a long time, but he was one of the best fall in leaders we ever had. He was awesome in COR and very quickly became an integral part of the clan. He's a model now I believe. But his time in COR was great.
  11. Yea it's tough cause there's so many different people who have devoted large portions of their lives to the cause. There's a lot of moving parts. We talk a lot about the big clans and "players" like COR, DI, DF, RSD, etc., but it's a tough decision no matter what level you're at. It's tough too because regardless if you got along with certain individuals or liked or didn't like them you still cannot discount their contributions. Everyone has a hand.
  12. 1. Biggest challenge was quickly transitioning from the old guards mentality (no crashing, out of game tactics, etc) to the new guard. There was a bubble within COR that wanted to burst and change things for good but never had the opportunity to do so. When I got leader, it was full guns blazing. We weren't necessarily struggling at the time, but we weren't fighting for anything near the top 3 spots. We needed a massive motivational boost. So many of our members wanted to crash, they wanted long fights and they wanted to have fun on the game. COR had grown a bit stale. COR was also very good at getting out of slumps so I had no reservations about turning COR into a #1 clan. And that's exactly what we did. 2. My plan was to pick on a lesser, second-tier clan & motivate the troops this way. Usually that meant TR, TRWF, any country clan, CR, Solace, etc. Not sure when any of these clans closed or reopened or what they were doing at the time. But I chose TR because we had a disgruntled member (which happened to be the person asking this question lol) named Kenny (Mars/Dezolude). You really wanted a chance to lead fall ins in a top clan and I took advantage of that to get a forum account/spy into TR. Once you gave us what we needed (screenshots & forum access) we were able to motivate the troops. We destroyed TR any time they went out. Good fights and some domination of shitter clans motivated the troops and once leadership changed hands (to me and Starman) older members started to come back, new blood joined, and we were on our way up. We even convinced Chopa to come back to help re-ignite the really old members. It worked wonders and once Conditions21 joined and we had the trio of him, Jay, and Dave (Mage Boy 500) we were unstoppable. We went from pulling 40-60 people to 130 on no preps a few months later. We had almost 160 people in vent in summer 2010. At one point we had ~70 FAs. It was COR's last great run. 3. The only logical person would be Anarchal Pk (Vishal) and even then he wasn't ready to be leader. IMO, I don't think Jay was ready to be leader either, but he was the only logical choice at the time. It made sense. My real life was falling apart between my stepdad and mom splitting and my life changed a ton. I had no choice and Jay was the only one who was respected enough to be taken seriously as leader. I think Jay did a good job given the situation he was dealt. He was never going to get the clan to where we got it, but the game had changed so much after I retired that it didn't matter. 4. I was working prior to the pandemic. I work in college athletics. No games played, no work for me. I'm biding my time until then and I'm still around fairly often and have played all the popular games people play these days. It's really hard to answer this question. IMO, if you didn't treat your clan as a full-time job you were never going to be successful. You had to be available at all times, especially when you were doing well because you'd never want to risk something going wrong and you not there to deal with it. I have never considered my time on RS a waste of time. I have friends in a dozen plus countries. I learned how to deal with people better than any college class or workshop or YouTube video or whatever thing you could use. I learned to understand different cultures, customs, and norms and dare I say it I learned accountability, hard work, and how to critically think and manage multiple fluid situations. RS taught me a lot. I've been in management and supervisory positions in my career work and I'm astounded at how bad people can be at managing others. I never had this fear or reluctance because of RS. Leading an RS clan also taught me how important it is for leaders to be approachable, relatable, and the power in a group of people uniting toward a common goal. And I don't think that's a sad thing to say. RS has been such an asset to my life, the only thing I don't like to think about is how much time I physically spent in front of a PC. To answer the question, tho, I don't know that I'd do it all again. I'm 28 now and I actually care about my health and there was little healthy about my involvement with RS despite the things I learned. There were so many life things I put off for RS even though I was young. I would never classify my time as a waste tho. That's easy to say with the benefit of hindsight, however. My time on RS was an absolute blast - an unhealthy one, with the benefit of hindsight - but an absolute blast nonetheless.
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