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    Huge gratz on the max account
  2. Sup dude I remember Valor
  3. 99 Attack party with the Knights of Order boys
  4. Tubman


  5. Do you think that RSD would of survived if you remained as a skill/pk clan?
  6. Hey not much, I remember you too from EH man. I'm from the Niagara region, not too far away. 😄
  7. Runescape Name Doom Of Gods ( Retired Main Account ) T U B M A N ( Active Ironman Account ) Preferred Name Johnny Discord ID johnny#7737 Current Clan N/A Previous Clan History I've been a Runescape player since the summer of 2001. I was notorious for helping out mid-sized clans back in the day. If you clanned anytime during 2004-2010 we were most likely clanmates or rivals at one point or another. I recall having a very lengthy clan history. I would probably forget the names of all the clans I've been in if I attempted to create a list. I had a charm for getting on the opponents nerves and would often be the "meatshield" in fights. I retired from clanning on rs2 in 2010 and became a competitive skiller. Here is one of my more humorous moments caught on camera. Are you interested in joining? I don't pk anymore, I'm a full time skiller. I'm more interested in being around the community. Brief Introduction Hi my name is Johnny, born and raised in Canada, Ontario. I work 60 hours a week so I only play Runescape on the weekends now. I enjoy being active and like to workout, watch a lot of sports, netflix and travel. On Runescape I only play on my ironman account now T U B M A N. Feel free to shoot me a message, my private is always on. =]
  8. DOG? LOL

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