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  1. It's great we bringing '88 back. There was thinking I'd never see a topic like this as an adult, considering CDRSC died in terms of this quality long before I was an adult and bounty hunter wasn't even in development
  2. Gonna sound boomerish as fuck but 14 years ago we'd have just said fuck it and have a cluster. I don't understand the concept of jumping into a fight and then back out repeatedly and calling it a good day in the office cos you stopped a fight for 5 minutes by being noticed and then running. Literally the most aids part about being ROT was trying to enjoy a League match, only to get spam highlighted at 2am to teleport up, stop a fight if we even got there on time and then log back out, "I lost 15 LP for this?" - if you're of adult age and think this an enjoyable way to clan, please do yourself a favour and quit before you become a sociopath lol. Also there's probs more non-DI in Tempest than there is DI, by a very large margin. We're CR, Downfall and Ronin if anything lol. Grats lads. Not gonna lie being crashed probably looked like the most fun part of the event, speaks volumes when every fight photo is literally in the same 6x6 area on top of spiders. I can't stand modern F2P wild.
  3. This topic title is like one of those links you get when making twitch clips.
  4. Fuck the game, the community is everything here and worth being around for that alone. Welcome mate.
  5. "They rushed us after the cap out of rage" such an emo H0tgun thing to do lol. Guy's never going to change and it's ludicrous they thought this was "easy" or "even". Grats.
  6. O ye it was Durette, idk why I confused him with Durateen when Durateen's Portuguese 😳
  7. Lovelost claimed you were a lil dick nigga, please confirm or deny. But hello again old-timer.
  8. We in 2020 now anyway, beef not allowed anymore. We're all old and grey and if you're Inf` you're fat too. This is a sacred place.
  9. Bro just tell her it wasn't yours. Hey at least it didn't go as bad as Durette* meeting Ancients Mom.
  10. Ye gonna have to make that up to you considering you died for our sins in masshl gate 😞 More defected than spied though, I never gave them anything whilst I was still a member of DI. Needless to say none of these personal, shits in the past and water under a bridge Edward5010 - Never experienced him in AA. Undoubtly the same in AA as he was in Team Aussie. Emo child that threw his toys out the pram back then if he didn't get his own way. Prannoy - Was good when the clan was doing well, nowhere to be found whenever it wasn't. Evizu - Good with his members, but horrid at running the clan and lacked pride and quality control in a lot of areas, as was unfortunately the beginning of "that" era of VR where they just threw all logic out the window and pulling more became more important. Tukuruk91 - Ye say no more fam. Madz/K12 Rising - Like Edward5010, but 20x more emo. And took things outside of the game before converting to Christ (lol). East 93 - Good guy, but selfish caller. Would flame too many of his own members behind their backs rather than talk to them about issues, showed bias; one thing you don't do in a multi-clan CWA team. Would call until out of food, prayer and run and then lose fights by dying or bad calls due to having no energy to get there and had horrendous calls he'd refuse to change when told. He had Michele Ac, Jaybird, myself and Mohd at his disposal most nights and was reluctant to use them. Think he had either Paul or Joko for a while too. Foyboy - Foyboy was someone I never got to know on a personal level because we just never really got on. Expected more out of him as an Advisor but often decided to be one of the sole roadblocks to me advancing DI and would even try to put down my attempts to push the clan or sabotage them because he couldn't be bothered, but then leaves to join a clan that was playing at the level I was trying to get DI to. Very strange, many unanswered questions. Prensel - Absolutely fine, until he let his relationship with peaches get in the way. Simple, you pissed Peaches off, Prensel was on your back. Never had this issue as I avoided Peaches like I do to any female clanners who e-date; but watched some people get the heck. Mystical - Lovely bloke but couldn't call for shit in Martians and cost us so many fights. Jack (Dragonwood) - Literally no idea how Dragoonwood did so well as a midsize when Jack did so little as a Leader and his other officials walked all over him. Gene - TORC Leader (RuneHQ back when they had a clan). Could write a book on even how at the age of 12 I knew this guy had no business being a Leader, was more of a dictator without the premise to behave the way he did. Ian/Im4eversmart was the only guy worth anyones time. RIP to Gene though who did pass away some years ago, left behind one hell of a legacy with that site.
  11. LOL?????????????? Nice to see you again JP hope you're well mate.
  12. Looked fun Tempest Bunny Guest 2020-Current
  13. Sausage eating rsb prod tbh
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