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  1. I paid $100 for people to hear my keys.
  2. You don't know how to take photos of food. Your phone must be covered in Ketchup.
  3. Same as when I'm high. Get really talkative and go on tangents about stupid shit. Talked like 30-40 mins about Onion rings once.
  4. ~150. Killing The Titans during Super Bowl Sunday. 🐙
  5. As others have stated. chasing the likes of VR and EoS all over the wilderness after immediately starting smashing them wasn't enjoyable, but we couldn't end because their dumb asses would try claiming a publicity stunt win.
  6. Some of these things are so spot on it hurts remembering them. Always a good laugh to read about some things. The legend pt37 himself though.
  7. 9k points. Matt r u ok
  8. Think there's enough cash influx from RS3 as well as the people who still currently pay for members. I'd be down for cosmetic shit because who cares.
  9. Runescape Name Shananigens Preferred Name Shananigens I guess. Discord ID Knowmad#7174 Current Clan Terminus Previous clan History Guardians Of Honor Clan Jaguar 'THE' RuneScape Dinasty Are you interested in joining? Unlikely. Brief Introduction Hello, am a 26 year old computer support specialist. Recently came back to the game full time in March. Currently lead a PVM/social clan that I made with some rx-RSD mates. Am a big music head so you'll always seen me on discord running Spotify. Enjoy some Valorant here n there but mostly keep my time to OSRS, League, and TFT. Noticed some names in here that I haven't seen in sometime so thought I'd pop over here and make a community introduction at the very least.
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