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  1. I'd want tinnies that have zero calories tbf n get trashed with @Mk 17
  2. We can all give thanks to each other and for the cooked Turkey to come home but why can't we just receive thanks for a day Thanks
  3. Now that Christmas has been cancelled because of some sort of pandemic we can share what we enjoy the most!! the music!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfyoHMPfML4
  4. Can have mitch link up with him and get a tiny show going
  5. Mine is N Sync cause that one blokes name is an instrument and the other loon has noodle-hair
  6. I like the polaks that are brought over in their VW Caddy's they work hard as hell and do shit as fuck jobs tbh Local spear chucker gang gets a shoutout too
  7. Backstreet Boys are sick as hell. Aint we all larger than life
  8. As we all know Rambo has been documented well through history. Do you consider him a war hero?
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