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  1. General shop on the friendslist. Important name in the clan world.
  2. Used to conduct fish/shark mortality studies with commercial fishing gear out of Australia (Adelaide and Exmouth). Caught a lot of weird things with sometimes the catch being dead by the time it made it to the boat. I didn't want anything to go to waste, so I'd at least try to eat everything I killed. I found the following to be completely inedible based on taste: - Smooth hammerhead (strong metallic taste; high urea content in the meat) - Grey reef shark (high urea content such that the meat tastes like pee no matter how it is prepared) - Mullet (a dark red oily meat; some people actually like it but the taste was so powerful I couldn't handle it) Some things that surprisingly didn't taste bad: - copper shark (if prepared right, a very mild flavor with a very firm meat) - Shovelnose ray (people actually cut their meat into cylinders and call it "imitation scallop") - Queenfish (nice mild flavor) Was pretty poor when I was conducting the work, and copper shark in a curry was a staple way of trying to get some protein.
  3. Immortality such that my body stays intact at an age somewhere between 18 and 30. Ability to switch bodily needs and sensations on and off (I don't want to be immortal after the sun goes out drifting endlessly through space freezing/burning and hungry/thirsty). Ability to spawn any item in front of me (in my endless space drift I'm going to need entertainment, this is also essentially endless money and money is only good for so long).
  4. Also, does this still count as milk, and is milk sweat an acceptable beverage? "Platypus are monotremes - a tiny group of mammals able to both lay eggs and produce milk. They don't have teats, instead they concentrate milk to their belly and feed their young by sweating it out." From: https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-43415998
  5. I'd draw the line at Jayjay milk as it is the most harmful substance known to man.
  6. In one of your earlier comments, you mentioned that Corr did a bit of weekday pking in a later time zone, often fighting CL. In my experience with EH, CL didn't think very highly of EH until we fought them in a planned PKRI in their timezone, after which they treated us with a lot more respect. I think CL was stuck in a weird spot, because they were generally the strongest AU clan, but really struggled to get challenging fights with the top GMT/EST clans. I could see Corr stepping up in that time zone garnering a lot of respect from the CL memberbase. How was the relationship between CL and Corr?
  7. Durrette is a top tier dude. Just a young man on his quest to find a mate. I still keep in touch.
  8. Thoughts on Jerico, Joe Jeninz, and Blaze Mace? Thoughts on The Devilz clan? Given your description of Andy as a "Saturday only type of guy" and your time in EoS, do you think Corruption would have been stronger or weaker if they shifted to more weekday pking/higher activity?
  9. 3lite

    Sig for Brian

    Nice work on this, looks really good.
  10. I can't remember if we were in Gladz at the same time or if you were in "The" by the time I was in Gladz. 1.) I would agree that what did a lot of damage to Gladz was differences of opinion of the focus of the clan within the community. I don't know that I agree that what caused the rift in Gladz was trying to compete with DI. Gladz and DI were extremely different clans and I don't personally think that any members of Gladz were having serious aspirations to topple DI in PKRIs. A high proportion of the Gladz members were there for comunity and were not interested in long PKRIs, being active in the wilderness for non-planned fights, or for returning. For the most part, Gladz only really seemed to care about warring. I believe the loss to BK in a war had a much bigger impact on Gladz morale than any PKRI lost to DI (shout out to @Vanzant). There were cliques in the clan that went off and did their own pking thing (e.g., the Ewhenn/Geezerpunk P2P single pkers, the P2P multi pkers that hung around with The Devilz, the Sal Bandini/Echo69x F2P pk group) in small groups rather than as one big clan. I think the rift was caused by Gladz not knowing what it wanted to be, competing interests, and a leadership that wasn't working toward a unified/progressive goal. From the outside, it looked like the issues with "The" are similar. What do you think the key differences were? 2.) Again comparing Gladz/"The", would you consider yourself to be the Finaltank of "The"? 3.) You mentioned that prior to going to Corr, your choice was DF or Corr. Most of your discussion about why Corr was good was due to their strength - something that was shared by many clans during that period, including DF. How do you think your experience would have differed if you chose DF rather than Corr? Do you think that today you'd have a lot of pride as an ex-DF member who had many distasteful memories of Corr? Probing to try to find what was special about Corr for you.
  11. Looking for any stories of old fights that you remember for having major last minute changes of pace or those that came down to the wire on the winner. For me, I had almost forgotten about this fight, but remembered the time that Pequ single handedly defeated 250 options of DF. Can't remember any other times when a no returning fight came down to a 1 vs. 1. http://www.di-rs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43684&hl=pequ @Krystal
  12. It is hazy to me since it was so long ago but here is my best shot. I think that Islamia and I saw a lot of potential in MG as a longtime, model member in the clan. We were really appreciative of the contributions he had and thought that, through training, he might be a good pk leader. We made the wrong call as he should have been a council member and there were many normal members who were great callers and could have fulfilled that pk leader role. I think MG recognized this and he didn't go out of his way to force his position. He would show deference on leading fall ins to the members who were good callers (such as yourself) and only take them if he was the last option on the battlefield. Other than MG and Striker, I have to say that I was rarely disappointed by the pk leaders we had. With Nullusion, Xero, and S17 usually being the names recognized by old clan members, I'd give a special shout out to Uber N00blet, Rvcwrestler, X Zach 02, and J50. I can remember moments where each had really impressive performances.
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