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  1. Hello Buzz, nice to meet you
  2. With regard to the 2010 Jagex cup final vs Corruption https://youtu.be/ClHuo-mcP8Q Was there any debate around the mass name change? IIRC your semi-final opponent did the same, but there wasn't time to change back before the final. Was there any push back from your members about using this kind of tactic (when you were seen as one of the most honourable clans)? And yes, I'm still butthurt that we lost that fight 🙂
  3. Great to read, thanks for everyone who contributed!
  4. Hope you guys are doing well. I really enjoyed the reunion PK trip the other month, was great to see so many old names! 1. What was your lowest moment in Cor? 2. Why did you keep ranking The Buzz Hed???? 😂 jk 3. Code, I think you were the best "hype man" during fights that I have heard in the clan world, what's the secret to motivating people? 4. I can't remember what happened to Basebas and why he left, do you recall? Best regards, Tom / Sardte
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