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  1. Yeah I know we figured it out who it was when we caught Zach dancing with your acc at 3 in the morning
  2. Hey dude I recognise your name. I never mentioned it on my intro but the first "official" pure clan I ever joined (forums, IRC etc) was Delta Force which eventually split into IR and Agony.
  3. Runescape Name Thrice Preferred Name Dean Discord ID Dean#8800 Current Clan Zerg Unit (F2P team, wildy/CWA) Revolt (F2P CWA) Previous Clan History Mains: Ronin (2015) Martians (2015) Ruin (P2P) (2017) Won a DMM season with ROT (2017) Pures: Pure Annihilation (2007) The Hatred (2007-2008) Mayhem Makers (2008-2010) Quit rs Mayhem Makers (2013) Zerg Unit (pures) (2014-2015) The Last Pures (2015-2016) (HPC) Against All Odds (2015-2016) (LPC) Unbreakable (2016-2017) Final Ownage Elite (2018-2019) Unbreakable (2019-2020) Are you interested in joining? Yes, but I'm an official in Zu and they deserve my full focus. I'm aware Tempest are a clan and not a team and would require a certain level of commitment that I may not be able to give atm. Brief Introduction I'm from Glasgow, Scotland. Been playing and pking since RS2 release, basically lived in the F2P wilderness as a pure until it was taken out. Before the wilderness was removed I had the opportunity to compete for #1 on a weekly basis during the original golden age of pure clanning with TH and I've brought that winners mentality to every clan I've been with since. I've always thoroughly enjoyed main warring but for one reason or another I was never able to give it my full focus. With the current state of pure clanning and the recent revival of the F2P scene my clan Zerg Unit made the transition to the main scene for a new challenge and its been an absolute blast so far. Tempest have given us 2 solid fights so far and I had a great time reading through the AMAs so I thought I'd say hello.
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