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  1. Get a b550 board so you get better support for zen3 ryzen incase you do want to upgrade. You can definitely find a used 5700xt for the same price as that 1660 and then you'll be good to go into the QHD realm.
  2. You have no plans to play big title games?
  3. About anything honestly if someone orders a fucking escargot and hardboiled quail egg pizza im going in.
  4. Why did EOS protect Adelais? Never understood that connection.
  5. Definitely the tactic you used against TR. Was fun for us as well to make 30 people return over and over again then leave when you finally outnumbered us. Didn't mind letting you have the topic on zybez.
  6. @d0nts long time brother miss the old days.
  7. No order: Footynut Nintendo 456 or whatever numbers. Lil2 Battleneo Toxic911
  8. Was wondering what you were planning for today.
  9. Homeless tried to follow me around once I beat the brakes off that fool.
  10. Defiant vs Anarchy in p2p was probably my first real fight and it was a jaw dropping experience for me. I think we were still using dragon longs haha. FEAR vs MK was probably the most royal ass whooping I have taken. Gladz vs BK official war, I believe it was the largest amount of people that two clans ever pulled. Gladz vs DS official war. Was nice being the last people to whoop DS right before I joined them. DS vs X or whatever that was that had like 5 clans that made 800 options? The game truly couldn't handle that many people. DS and Hostile vs DI and ST. DS keeping many clans out of the wilderness or at least at moss giants. I'm talking to you VR and COR. TR's rise to prominence was a thrill ride of victories.
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