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  1. 80 Prayer Bishessss Done for a while lol!
  2. Gzzzzzzzzzz slightly scared of u now 😄
  3. Miss J


    Get 99 noob
  4. I wouldn't do it again for anything, the rage was strong at the end!
  5. Idk lol! It's old but I'm not buying one just for RS, if I did I would go back to RS3.
  6. Thank you vagina face 😆
  7. Totalllly a serial killer
  8. Trevor told me lol
  9. Finalllllllly got the cape! Thank you to everyone who helped me out along the way! Now to train cmb and hopefully not do a quest for a very veryyyyyyyy long time!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm curious, is there someone that makes sigs now? I'm afraid I don't have PS anymore and I'm envious of yours! I am an artist too btw so once upon a time I enjoyed making them, but wouldn't know where to start now lol I am officially old!
  11. I'll let you play with him if you bring me some cuban food, miss it so much lol And thank you everyone else!
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