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  1. more of a plain hotdog guy myself, but sure
  2. this is super neat, what are you currently modeling?
  3. Software development for a consulting company
  4. seeing lots on here about home equipment, so I thought I'd make my case for body weight workouts even why I would consistently go to the gym (pre-covid), I was doing 80-90% body weight workouts Why body weight? Ease of access being the simplest reason. Do a workout anywhere: your bedroom, the park, etc. However, from a training perspective, body weight workouts also help to achieve my own personal goals. I started boxing in college and though I don't compete anymore, I'm (usually) a regular at the gym and help coach guys getting ready to compete. Boxers need to be strong, quick, and lean, with a heavy emphasis on cardio. Body weight workouts are great for building up that lean muscle mass. Many professional boxers are famous for putting a strong emphasis on body weight workouts (such as Floyd Mayweather: https://www.balancethegrind.com.au/daily-routines/floyd-mayweather-daily-routine/) What kind of exercises are we talking about? There are the most generic/stereotypical ones (still good to do!) like pushups, situps, planks, squats, dips, etc. Then we can get into more dynamic exercises that start to work the full body, such as burpees (pushup at the bottom or it's not a burpee), jump squats, monkey business (shoulder press into a tuck jump), etc. And with any body weight workout, there's bound to be an emphasis on core (my old trainer said at least 8 minutes of core a day), with exercises like slow bikes, wipers, judo twists, flutter/scissor crunches, etc A typical workout: I get pretty creative with my workout formats, but a typical on/off interval is always a safe bet. For HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), most people say a 2:1 or 3:1 work/rest ratio. This is fine, although I find I like high ratios as I get more out of the workout. Some of my favorite intervals are 30s on/5s off and 50s on/10s off. A short workout might be something like: 30s/5s x5 Sit ups Jump Squats High Plank Russian Twist Jump Lunges Burpees The workout ends up being ~18 minutes with ~15-16 minutes of exercise, a pretty efficient way to train 🙂 If anyone ever has any questions/wants to talk about workouts, feel free to pm me on discord (Howl#6118). I've also been writing out a new workout for every day of quarantine and I'd be happy to share 🙂
  5. mushrooms ❤️ honestly can't go wrong with a straight cheese pizza either, gotta be good pizza tho
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