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  1. Runescape Name Previously was Joeblogs111 but weirdly someone took that name and is chilling on 77 combat. I now play on: Blogs / IronBlogs Preferred Name Joe Discord ID IronBlogs#7142 Current Clan None. Previous Clan History Damage Inc (2006-2009): Joined DI in May 2006 and remained until October 2009 when Brian closed it. Had my best time on RS during these years, particularly mage bank fights vs TD/DA/AG and f2p fights with DS/DF/RSD. Was lucky enough to be a general/warlord and enjoyed keeping my parents up screaming piles at 3am. When I came back to OSRS I started pking with DI again but never fully joined by the time it reclosed. Are you interested in joining? Possibly Brief Introduction Name is Joe, originally from Reading but living in London now. After dragging out my uni experience for six years, I briefly went into finance but now work as a civil servant. Am a massive Leeds United fan, so at least I'll remember 2020 for something other than COVID. Started playing Runescape back in classic, but didn't get into the clan scene until 2006. With all the wilderness changes and university starting I began to play less, until DI closing finished me off for good. I stumbled across OSRS in 2016 and have been playing fairly consistently since. PKing was always my favourite part of RS, although I haven't done much for the past few years. Found this forum while trying to find my debacle of a pking video from 2007 and saw a lot of old names I recognised. Looking forward to catching up with those people and getting to know those I haven't met.
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