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  1. Good to see some familiar names and tons of laughs back in the day when EoS was primarily Brazilian (Che Lives, A F R 1 C A, etc). Wish you all well.
  2. Thoughts on Noobs Inc back in the day
  3. Gotta recruit the other guests as well.
  4. Runescape Name Ristopal Preferred Name Ristopal / Risto Discord ID Ristopal#3501 Current Clan None Previous Clan History Pre-EoC: CWC (Castle Wars Crew), The Death Monkeighs, Noobs Inc, DK, EOS, VR, probably a few short stints in between that I cannot remember. OSRS: CD (pure clan) Are you interested in joining? Possibly for the nostalgia of F2P Brief Introduction Hi, I'm Ristopal, I've been playing on-again off-again since 2003 (started in RS1). I started OSRS but took a break for a few years after 2014, only getting back into the game this past month.
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