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  1. Adrian


    Swear to god I've been tbing.... @The End still no split? cba
  2. Adrian

    swamp man dies

    Ngl I still have tears.
  3. Ty for fight and ty @true for the invite 🙂
  4. Adrian

    95 farming

    Congratulations. You have made it to a MASTER FARMER. ps - I'm still picking flax cba
  5. Got my first godsword through those beautiful NPC'S .... +1
  6. Doesn't make sense to me to be honest. like are Runescape just trying to promote gold farmers right now? like what's going on? Type your thoughts/opinions. Feels bad to be shoved out of our late night pk trips tbh. Was fun in the caves huh? BBU
  7. Adrian

    94 farming

    VICTIM. - GZ lightwork baby
  8. Always there call me I'm There. Period always eating good.
  9. Runescape Name - VLCTLMLZE Preferred Name - Adrian Discord ID - VICTIMIZE#5692 Current Clan - None Previous Clan History - Genesis (Wasn't officially in just attended fights). Who do you know in Tempest? - N forest3 - (IRL BROTHER) Tika191 Few people from a couple p2p trips (Forgotten names) Are you interested in joining? - Yes. Brief Introduction - Hi my name is Adrian. Age - 20 Location - United kingdom.
  10. Was another easy day of bullying and running through people. Ps. The British Forces snatched the loot.... Yet again.
  11. Adrian

    98 building stuff

    It was till yesterday and the British armed forcers pulled up huh? Ps Gratz bro
  12. #British Boys at their finest.
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