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  1. This would be all for the AMA. It was really great answering all your questions. I'm sorry if I didn't recall all the juicy edating drama and the porking that went on, but I was honestly trying to focus on serious clan business during my time. Hope you all got to learn a little bit more about who we were and what we stood for. If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to reach out to me. D0nts is a bit shy. He says he loves you all too.
  2. There were a lot. We really had a core group of 30-40 members who would do anything for TT. Obviously I named a lot of officials in previous posts who gave it 100%. Some other names which I would put out would be: Sanjax: He passed away. Was one of our elite members. Moh666: I should check up on him, he might be in a coma after I left TT Kabucis: One of our best tanks/binders Kapats: He was hardcore. Steamer80: I think that he was in TT like 10 years or so. If we told him to snipe or antisnipe somebody in a fight, he would not get off. EVER. The Network: He was a crazy guy and just loved TT events Pedro War: Best Brozilian player ever. Best Tank we had in my opinion. Vannaka: I thought that this was a girl pretending to be a guy for years. Bad tank, never swears. One of our most loyal members. Would literally do anything for TT to this day. Ryugrunge: Chilean boss. I should also check up on him. Might also be sedated or something after we dissolved. Hickmat: Very old member. Would fight people IRL if I asked him to Mr Thonk: Same as above. Striker: Just somebody you could always rely on Vedter, Rokjordan, Mogii, Gaz, Nighthawk & God of night, Power, Norge, Saadya, Palp, Stig, Nostraviran, Knight, Andyjamo, Stevenwoo, Santa, Poiuytrewq and many others whom I regarded as my henchmen Also other officials which helped me survive the mutiny such as Jatsenko, Stas, Aaron, Manu, Hydro, Lostaznboi & Dundaine From the female crew... Zayts, Roaminggal, Queenmunkie, Scandalous, Loulou, Tigerqueen. They all loved TT and edated the shit out of my members. If I had to narrow it down to 3 names: Moh, Ryu & Hickmat
  3. The concept of running a clan is more or less the same running a business or working on a large scale project of some sort. They would probably be: 1. Hiring vs Application process in a clan 2. Promoting employees or delegating work vs Promoting members and assigning them tasks within a clan 3. Team building vs Working together with officials & members to come up with new ideas to shit on noobs in wildy 😉 and obviously edating helped me become the dating machine which I am now
  4. If I remember correctly Zodiacracer was a player IRL. I couldn't keep up with the edaters in the clan. Was busy.. you know... actual clan stuff.
  5. Thank you for those kind words. We really did have a great internal structure and those officials you named were crucial in keeping it that way. Our fights with COR were always drama free and enjoyable.
  6. I actually regret promoting this guy.
  7. Not really. Everyone who got promoted was already a great member so they deserved it. All the promotions went through the entire leadership first. I didn't just wake up in the morning and decide to promote people randomly. All the officials towards the end were great. Some more active than others.
  8. It would definitely be a hybrid gaming clan just like I planned towards the end. RS simply died a lot time ago and Jagex is doodoo and can't be trusted to support the clan world long term. and I would have banned edating...
  9. Was TT movie 3, which I unfortunately never got to finish. TT movie 2 was completed. I can reupload if I find the drive. I didn't have trouble counting. People just couldn't stay in fucking place as usual.
  10. I am sure that it happened accidentally the same way I was bind sniped by my own clan members for 2 years "accidentally". Sure, I would have taken different approaches looking back at things. Like I mentioned earlier I would have tried to speak with certain members more 1 on 1 to try and resolve issues. However, we had to have rules in place. I think it was pretty clear when we could fuck around and when we had to be serious. If I just let people do whatever they wanted, we would have just become another doo doo clan.
  11. I actually found out about their stupid scheme and told them not to do this. The reason is because they are retards and don't know the basics of merching in rs. They told me it is the perfect investment. They got bamboozled because RSD dumped the zammy wines first. I flamed the shit out of them. Should have demoted all of them just for being stupid.
  12. Yes, don't get your panties all up in a bunch. The VR member in question was edating some girl and they were sharing accounts. She was parallel edating another TT member and they got d0nts + rembo involved to log on the guys account and drop his charms. None of these guys had the mental capacity to hack anybody. They just had the capacity to edate and create problems for me. We paid the guy back and I made them drop the same amount in the party room.
  13. Roaminggal was an excellent member. 😉
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