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  1. Blame @Dark Knighty Harry Potter got too intense for him
  2. Can't remember anything about that tbh
  3. Was going to say the J40K one as well. Basically Saxo had it narrowed down to the EOS spy being either J40K or one other guy cant remember who. He eventually caught him because they set up some IRC channel called like #eosspy or something really dumb like that and he actually joined it lol. So, Saxo prevented all the proof he had already gathered that was pointing to it being him and took it to the leaders to kick J40K. But, apparently Whazaa wouldnt let him kick him because he was friends with J40 and didnt believe that he would spy on DF 🤦‍♂️
  4. Nah, we all one big happy DF family 😉
  5. Saxo hitting 'em with the BF, its serious business now!
  6. That sounds vaguely familiar as well. I just remember being a bit disappointed because he had such a huge reputation coming in, and when he did call you could definitely see the glimpses of why.
  7. I remember when SE flooded in and Sipstrassi came everyone was super excited because all the SE absolutely loved him as a caller. And he did good, but I felt like he just really didnt lead very often for us, and when he switched from Warlord to Council he kinda stopped calling in general it felt like. And then I always felt like Roel outshined him from that group that came in at the same time which surprised me.
  8. My list will pretty much be just from my most active stint with DF in 2009-2011, but I personally always enjoyed these 4 specifically when they took over during fights PeterH007 Dennisbruv Merked05 AZF1
  9. @Oli best clan you were ever in that had the initials RSV???
  10. greatest head warlord in DF history confirm/deny???
  11. @His Lordship man we only had a few interactions way back in the day, but I hope all has been going well for you! Havent seen your name in forever but always one of the most memorable clan world figures there ever was. Fun fact I didnt know until recently actually. I've been hanging around and pvming with Riku14777 and Shark 160 a lot lately and I didnt know until just the other week that they were 2 of the people your infamous rant was directed at!
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