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  1. Yeah, appreciate any and all questions/posts Anybody looking to check out albion should give it's a go, it's rs on all kinds of good steroids
  2. No clue who's left, probably whoever ends up being the most active in f2p
  3. Dark Ascension were good too tbf, alot of members came from that clan when they switched to f2p for clan wars.
  4. Good members, only crashed and burned because a few officials were dogshit. Probably one of the reasons EOS stopped being a top 10-15 clan after clan wars.
  5. Wheres all the Exodus questions though?
  6. Who knows bro, at one stage they were giving out mod positions to every top guild aside from EOS and actively removed in-game mod from our men for memes
  7. Probably Albion, we may not have the best relationship with the developers in the game but Jagex shit on the clan world for years and really marginalised the community. It's really hard to compare the two when you consider how small the runescape clanning community has always been.
  8. Albion is a game based around clan pvp and territorial dominance, you would probably be better served joining our discord and asking for more information. Runescape clans/players would find it relatively easy to transition though because directing large groups of people and positioning on any level goes a long way. Thought it was worth mentioning that Albion is kind of like if you had the wilderness and copy and pasted it 10 times. You don't walk from wilderness to wilderness but, the sheer volume of guilds/clans means it's like having 10 dif clan worlds on the go at the same time.
  9. We removed somebody who had autism to avoid him receiving abuse from actual retards.
  10. I'm not sure hes ever really been a leader, seemed out of his depth for no reason in the 4-5 days Dynasty were alive.
  11. Just a strange guy, seemed fine whenever I spoke to him though
  12. Awhile, honestly don't remember the amount of time
  13. Was more about the people I mentioned than TT, plenty of clans had terrible callers and I those were the two that came to mind. D0nt's was pretty shit. I enjoyed Cravez leading and Plaffy was probably TT's last legitimate caller but yeah, it was random more than anything. I also think Cravez/Battleneo/D0nts were all mostly inactive after 2010? I remember Milad/Lovelost/Plaffy/Cuon/Jazy leading TT for the majority of my time playing after clan wars.
  14. Not great, better than some actual f2p clans though
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