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  1. Yeah I got excited thinking this would be like a Fantasy Football type of thing but with clans haha.
  2. Gdi my last one a few days ago would've been a fun one to post because we decided to stock up on booze a little. I actually took a pic of how we had 1 bag dedicated to booze. My husband was like "best bag right there tbh"
  3. Krystal

    99 herb

    Gimme potions ❤️ Congrats!! 😄 This is a skill I didn't quite get to 99 back in the old days. Think I was like 90+ but not maxed. GJ!
  4. Oh snap! Huge congrats, dude! I want to get 99 Prayer after I get my other combats up, but damn it's so expensive.
  5. I caught an eel one time, and of course my southern family was like "LET'S FRY IT UP" ... It was actually not bad! Lol.
  6. No because I'm used to everyone having a mechanical keyboard now. Lol. It used to be annoying, but I don't even notice anymore unless their sensitivity is so high that it's picking up every damn keystroke.
  7. Oh God this brings back bad memories of my RSC CD cl days ahahaha. =X Honestly back then, I found myself not really sure how to handle stuff like this because part of me is like "this is funny af" and part of me is like "i should probably do something.." and would usually end up letting another mod be the bad guy lmfao
  8. I just can't get into drinking regular hot tea. I've tried several times in the past, but it just tastes like warm slightly favored water lol. I understand the benefits of drinking tea, but the struggle is real for me. Growing up in the South, drinking iced sweet tea was a staple with meals. I started to make it myself in my adult life but instantly stopped when I realized how much sugar went into it. I'm shocked that I didn't develop diabetes growing up on sweet tea lol.
  9. Hey Eric! Can't really think of any questions for you, but it's pretty awesome to see another familiar face from my super old Gladz days. I enjoyed reading your opening post since it helped refresh some memories. 😄 You were pretty on point with how incredible Gladz was in those days. I always enjoyed it when we'd prepare for those gigantic official wars. Everyone and their mama would show up to support the green machine. They were quite epic.
  10. Krystal

    Sig for Brian

    Okay. In my defense, RS hair is difficult to interpret! IT'S SO BLOCKY. Brian couldn't even answer the question of if his facial hair is supposed to be just a goatee or a goatee+mustache combo. crap now that I look back on it.. I think he actually has black hair. I thought it was dark brown wowowow I'm color blind. @Brian WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING
  11. Krystal

    Sig for Brian

    I'm kinda in this spot where I just don't have a whole lot of time to devote to doing sigs all the time. So I'm not going to officially "open a shop" or anything since I realistically wouldn't have the time to go through a list of commissions. That said, if people "make an offer I can't refuse" then I might take requests. More interested in actual cash than RS gold though. Sorry! :$ Yes! I do remember everyone talking about him taking the phat out that time haha. I think that's why he decided on having the phat on in the wildy here. 😄
  12. Krystal

    Sig for Brian

    Idk who Jcole is so I'm just gonna assume this is another "too much hair" joke for Brian haha.
  13. Krystal

    Sig for Brian

    It's funny because I was just thinking I remembered him doing a castle wars sig that I loved and there it is! Lol 🙂
  14. Krystal

    Sig for Brian

    Misterxman was a good friend of mine actually. If anyone ever asked me who I thought was the best sig maker, I'd tell them about him, hands down. I often had thought about doing an art trade with him but was too shy to ask since I felt he was way out of my league. Lol. I'm sad that I lost contact with him. He was a great guy and I'd be interested to see what sort of art he does now.
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