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  1. Runescape Name - Xmas Bandit Preferred Name - Xmas/Seb Discord ID - Xmas bandit#5421 Current Clan - Deathrow Previous Clan History - 'The' Clan, Exodus, and Divine Forces. Who do you know in Tempest? - True, and a lot of other familiar names. Are you interested in joining? - I am not, but nice to see a lot of people I fought with and against around here. Brief Introduction - As many others have stated, I was forced against my will by @true to make this whole topic. I started clanning back in 07/08 joining 'the' clan, then moving to exodus around the end of 08, and finally joining DF in 09 then leaving around 2011? don't remember the exact year I left. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces that I was able to speak with, or flame the hell out of back in the more toxic part of my younger life. Since coming back have just been enjoying my time in DR, and PVMing with a bunch of the old school DF members. Hope to catch up with a lot of you, or get to talk to some of the other people that hopefully did not hold a grudge from 10 years ago.
  2. What’s good homie!

    1. Xmas Bandit

      Xmas Bandit

      Jesus my man, it has been a while. How have you been?

    2. Flukejiver


      Been good bro, just living life. How about yourself?

    3. Xmas Bandit

      Xmas Bandit

      Some rough events recently but pretty solid other than that man. I am in Tempest discord if you ever wanna chat brother, good to see you're still around cause I swear I did not hear much after we both left 'The'.

  3. This is from Saxo for @Mar "Is it true that you are allergic to the sunlight or if it was just a rumor, and if it was true how did it effect you?" "did you have any "high profile" spies that got away with it, that you can name"
  4. How long was J40k spying on DF for you guys, and what did yall think about Whazaa not kicking him even after Saxo figured it out?
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