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  1. camel penis and bulls testicles; wouldn’t suggest either Locust is good tho grilled
  2. I eat and like pretty much anything, with the exception of Pasta. I think it's durum wheat that makes me feel sick; I like rice based (noodles) and stuff. I eat a lot of Indian and Thai food, and often cook recipes from those books.
  3. Josh


    hope all is good unibrow
  4. TT Wilderness Guardians or The official Runehq clan
  5. Exploring space doesn’t have to be about looking for life, just like exploring the oceans doesn’t have to be about finding fish
  6. I dunno both sound the same le mayo and el em ay oh Sling us a voice recording
  7. Space tbh, we've more chance of better understanding concepts such as time, which may lead to greater things
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