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  1. Dw your reffs prices are sky rocketting as well init @Eric``
  2. Slimmy

    92 wallahi fam

    Wallahi aswell mohd
  3. Should go back chopping magic trees imo
  4. We swept the division (afc west) already
  5. 1. What old clans (EoS aside whether they return or not) do you think would be most primed to re-open? Country clans such as fools, liths seems like the safest bets, would be interesting to see if they try out another shot now that they are close to winter, idk where all those rumors about EoS came from but definitely it would Boost f2p activity, hopefully but there ain't any real hype to sustain it. 2. Could you see a smaller clan like Deathrow, PlayDead, or someone else gaining momentum or stepping into F2P? Sure but unlikely even if it means a 30v30 to break the 3x3 box meta. It would die shortly rather than gaining any momentum.
  6. Congrats on the action
  7. Oi doso, congrats bud.
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