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  1. Thanks for the fight old friends. Forced Rot to return in rune lmao
  2. Lander


    What childhood sports did you take up and why? Ice hockey, its very popular sport in finland and especially where i lived my first 9years. (and i just love the intensity and speed) Did you ever make it far in the chosen sport? Well im from poor family i played in team for very little time, but in esports scene i managed to win official 6v6 european championship. Are you currently still doing any of the sports you did and how often? Yeah i play at winters but not in team. Proudest accomplishments - European championship in 6v6 league. Biggest regrets? Only managed to win once in esports scene. I could have trained more to keep myself up with the top teams, smoked too much weed so it affected, stupid..
  3. I would wait it to dry and eat it. Especially if i was drunk / very high
  4. Alright then lets be more serious. Cemeterywaltz ❤️
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