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  1. I get super understanding then I roast the fuck out of people lol
  2. Sorry I hit a nerve your post mostly consisted of pointing out shitty DF officials who did one thing or another that you didn't approve of. I merely pointed out it was ironic that you weren't on that same list. Btw what you think you know about my EoS departure is 100% propaganda. You're a nice kid but keep trying.
  3. Lets all pretend you never did anything shady as a council in DF!!! Lol!!
  4. Re-watching dexter because they are rebooting the show!!
  5. Theres alot of them out there, but the one that sticks to my mind that i personally was apart of was Dennisbruv
  6. Why is your camera so high up lol
  7. He is the worse caller I've ever heard, just wasn't meant for him. Nice guy though lol
  8. Hello Xmas, its been many moons.
  9. Where did you guys get your drive from? Outside of fights I remember speaking to either of you and both of you guys seemed down to earth people, but when we ended up fighting a shit clan you guys had this insane drive lol
  10. Sup my friend, its been many years
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