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  1. Why aren't we hearing people talk about impeaching this dumpster fire of a President?
  2. Stl arrow still making clans? That's my boy lol
  3. No idea who those guys are, seem like some cucks.
  4. Good to see they got buried again
  5. Looks like you smoked them then tried to use calling in game for round 3 to make it more fair. Grats!
  6. Don't talk about my man like that
  7. Nice loot, On Sauce.
  8. Is there really a winner when it goes that long? lol
  9. I agree, now that no Zybez Moderators have access to my ip, I haven't been ddosed in years. The closing of that shit website has helped maintain my internet safety.
  10. I don't think Putin is insane at all, everything he has done is calculated and has a reason. It might be evil reasoning, but it definitely serves in his interest. The weak leadership in the west, definitely helped facilitate this attack on Ukraine. When Russia saw the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the disaster that followed, it showed him the west has lost it's stomach for conflict and that all the internal woke drama in the states has divided the country greatly. It's an opportune time for him to try and expand his countries borders with a senile retard in the white house. When the news coverage is worried about racism and far right people being involved in the fighting, that's when you know all hope is lost for the MSM. It's actually crazy how people are still worried about pro-noun usage when we could be on the verge of a nuclear conflict. I just read an article about how people need to socially distance in bomb shelters because of Covid, incase of a nuclear bomb being dropped. Lmao.....
  11. The dudes locking down the border are winning it all!
  12. Wow walk here and fist me, legend.
  13. Okay now try getting out of your chair irl, then I'll be impressed! {grats}
  14. This is what people who play Runescape are up to in 2022 eh lol
  15. This is what happens when society worships autism and liberals
  16. Kc is what...? You go outside fam?
  17. Grats, in some of the pics I don't even see white dots lol
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