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  1. Yo Bles, I'll sign your DDS for you bro, just drop me $1000 in my paypal to buy a 3080 with, you're rich enough right
  2. GF EVERYONE I HAD FUN!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ewhenn, Abra88, Billygoat101, Skullator and N G C (not joking) RS Shark was actually a funny dude... when Foul Play and DDK merged and had their NH alliance I was friends with him for a while. He ended up trying to screw AG over in favor of Sam Egner / ROT or DI I don't really recall which and I convinced Sleepgood and the other Foul Play members to let us hit them on log-in EOH and we'd let the Foul Play members join AG (Sleepgood, Raven588 etc). No idea if the dude was really disabled, he denied but than again I don't think that's something people would admit to. Jamie from AG was/is dating her and they lived together for a while but yes I absolutely would have, she was a freaky bitch from what I heard lol I remember the name and I can put a voice to it but I couldn't tell you 1 way or the other how good or bad of a Pker he was unfortunately
  4. Hello old friend, how are you?
  5. The politics of it were pretty simple AG and DI were mortal enemies. ROT / DI / AG all disliked each other but DI used ROT at the time to try and help them with us so as we started crashing more and more of DI's fights ROT came more and more to help them this was right around the time the massive F2P cluster war was happening. AG and EH were always really close because a lot of the ex TD that didn't join AG went to EH so our initial involvement was solely to crash DI but we eventually got more invested to help out EH and their side of the cluster. 100fightmage wanted AG to transition to F2P as well but it was met with a lot of opposition. Members could get behind going to the clusters for short bursts but we would have been washed up in a proper F2P fight. Honestly what DI was able to do with dominating MB/P2P Multi and F2P multi is very impressive.
  6. FromDaEast because he likes to give P-hats to all his e-girlfriends
  7. I'm pleasantly stoned right now so you're going to get quite the answer lol AG consisted of 2 primary groups The ex TD (The Dynasty) and Ex RoT / IP (Infamous Pkers) / NME. The ex TD followed Furterlives and the other side were with Fightmage. When I first joined outside of PK trips the the vent was split pretty much in 2 different groups all the time. Eventually Furter and Fightmage had a falling out over some sort of leadership decision and it resulted in Furter leaving. Del was made leader and Itchey was head warlord, Odin666 was a high council or whatever rank it was that was right below Head Warlord. Del and Itchey did not get a long with Odin and Fightmage much at all, and each group within the clan didn't really get a long that well either honestly outside of PK trips where it was mandatory everyone be there everyone pked on their own in smaller groups with their individual little group. Itchey got promoted to leader and Odin left to try and start his own clan with Furter to kill AG (it didn't work lol) this is when I got promoted to Head Warlord. The entire second half of 2007 consisted of Itchey and Fightmage fighting about every little thing imagineable. Fightmage wanted to crash / 1 item ROT and DI and Itchey wanted to maintain that more "honor" approach and not crash the fights. Itchey and Fightmage would consistently ban each other from Vent / Threaten to quit the clan and it caused a shit load of turmoil and angst among the member base. Del was switzerland, even though he was a leader he remained neutral and never got involved with their bullshit. I was forced dragged into it, each trying to get me on their side of things as the ex DI had kind of slowly taken over AG at that point. There was a 1 month period where Fightmage actually "quit" the clan, he still played RS but legit wouldn't do anything with AG. I owned and ran the forums at the time and had to actually revoke his access to stop him from deleting everything. It got the point where each little "group" would not listen to or respect the other leader of the clan. Honestly the ex DI did a lot to hold AG1 together, myself, Ewhenn and Billygoat were some of the more influential and active ranks at the time that both sides could respect and listen to. Thru all this, the turmoil, the inner clan hatred and fighting it was honestly a ton of fun still. The type of drama that would kill most clans seemed to make AG stronger. If the wilderness wasn't removed there is a good chance 100fightmage would have been kicked / left for good in the end though the wilderness was removed and we all sold our gold/gear etc and moved onto WoW. When AG2 was first talked about being opened I wanted to be the sole leader of the clan to avoid all the bullshit and drama from having multiple leaders but Del ended up being a leader as well as he was a lot of the glue that held AG together.
  8. Death mainly, but Lego assisted in trying to Recruit me shortly after closing AG2 as they wanted to start bringing DF into P2P more, I don't fully recall how it went but I remember we didn't get very far lol I'm sure most would expect me to say 2007 but honestly for me 2011 ish was the best. It was right after 26k/76k was a thing and you got real loot again but before the extra nonsensical stuff was introduced. It was also when I first really started making YouTube videos and stuff somewhat more frequently. The amount of actual hybrid fights you could find at pretty much any point of the day was unheard of before and after that era. Magebank was relatively active as well with a few decent teams/clans (no 1 that much bigger than the rest) and just a really good time to be Single Pking which has always been my first love of Runescape
  9. I wish I had something cool to say here, he was persistent and appealed to my desire for being more casual focused.
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