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  1. clearly a bot posted this topic. downvoted
  2. im not rich enough for brunch
  3. ur cringe for this but yeah agreed
  4. @Sir Severed followed by @Dr Destinyand @dwg . Reasons in order: 1. he a bitch but also kinda cute, 2./3. more of a love slap honorable mention: @sheli~ reason: for being a woman
  5. sv > vr and thats coming from a jaja member worse for vr/dr, their members aren't built for it. won't affect it much. vr and dr will continuously bleed members until sparze and mike cera join rot. bootlickers will follow and rest will quit the game or join BC/mandem/etc.
  6. bro who voted for you as best p2p tank lmfao lemme get the rsb clips out
  7. theres a reason why ernie is in a certain team lol
  8. only won cuz of gay sheli name change disgusting simp losers go smell your chair and touch grass CRETINS
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