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  1. It depends on the job you have, but there are psychological studies that proof that, if you stay at the same job, same conditions, no progression, you will need to move after 5 years on that job
  2. I have a Nintendo Switch packed full of games waiting for me, some of them are waiting for years by now
  3. Such nice 99s, gratz molen!
  4. Lets goooooo Robin Redwoods! #roadto99
  5. I voted no but ofc you can do it, you can do whatever you want. In my neiborhood there is a guy who decorated for xmas on halloween 😂 I voted no because I dont do it before dec 1st.
  6. 2 is better but I think light has somehow a bias effect
  7. That was one of the best quests indeed, gratz!
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