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  1. lookin like a straight buffet
  2. buffalo chicken for the boys with big dicks. if you put pineapple on that shit you & father cannot chat no more.
  3. danex

    Ds2 for tika

    did that at 85 cmb lol noob congrats tho
  4. danex


    ah yes
  5. daviddamage was in a class of his own
  6. danex

    Missed the Message

    weird stats but i respect it congrats
  7. danex


    holy shit lmfao you monster
  8. danex

    swamp man dies

    if you don't cry watching this, you are inhumane
  9. danex

    She Cooks

    wifey material 🥰
  10. just stop messing up man not that hard... congrats 😄
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