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  1. I'm thinking they're saving Ed for S2.
  2. If I had to guess, surely Scu
  3. After reading Pietru's post I basically described Soul Wars but spread throughout the Wilderness lol. Sort of, yeah. I was mixing in some ideas with the way World of Warcraft did it (Wintergrasp in this case) but yeah, the foundation is already there in Soul Wars to an extent.
  4. I guess you're thinking smaller scale, an update for the handful of PvP clans left in the game, who's members (pkers) make up the smallest percentage of the player base imaginable in 2021. There's no way anything like this would work without the PvM/ironman community. I'm not trying to say it's a bad idea, but the implementation of it wouldn't work with the way OSRS operates currently. However, if it was locked to a handful of shrunken worlds (let's say 3 in this example, the rest of the world is off limits except for Varrock/Edgeville which are close to the ditch), I could see this working on a quasi-faction based system, maybe split up by allegiance to the Gods? Zamorak/Saradomin/Guthix. Maybe tie it in with a new Mage Arena quest/cape, or rework the MA2 capes. Use the Favour system from Zeah for the entire area. You would do the quest, pick a God and you were locked to that God's servitude on that account. Let's say Zamorak in this case. Once Zamorak followers take over, the wilderness monsters are replaced with Guthix/Saradomin creatures that can only be killed by Zamorak followers. Drops are excellent, noted, whatever. Zamorak followers get a nice fat buff of like 15% extra damage/accuracy in the Wilderness against monsters and players alike. Opens up a boss or two ONLY for Zamorak followers. Then, Guthix and Saradomin followers kill the Zamorak monsters in the area, turn in materials, do quests, whatever until they reach 100% favor. Let's say Saradomin hits 100% next. Zamorak's weakened boss fights Saradomin's strengthened boss, along with a big PvP battle to decide if Zamorak keeps or Saradomin takes over. Rinse and repeat. Have the battle on a hard timer every 6/12/18/24 hours or whatever to make it somewhat fair. This entire post reads like shit and I'm sorry for that, but hopefully my idea got across okay.
  5. This would never work on OSRS because: 1. There isn't a faction system in place. 2. You aren't locked to a single realm/world where control would matter. 3. OSRS has lost all sense of "massive multiplayer online" play that it had when we were kids. 4. The polling system. World of Warcraft did the same thing multiple times (Auchindoun spirit towers in TBC, Wintergrasp in WotLK, Tol Barad in Cata, etc.) and while it was novel (and even fun) at first, it became just more crap that the faction with the biggest population/most activity controlled 24/7, and eventually became dead content even within those expansions. PvP in OSRS and the Wilderness in general don't fundamentally work in the same way as the above, so I don't think there's any clear way that something like this could work.
  6. Is this the first pet of the comp? Big gz!!
  7. Verac. It's Verac. Take one look at him, you know that after 5 minutes you'd be calling him daddy.
  8. Incredible, they don't stand a chance
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