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  1. Leader Broski + Islamia Holy Commander @3lite + Nullusion Officer Tristan138 + Ava Ad0re + Crew69 Commander @Xero + X Zach02 + @MILAD Captain 5554447 + Blazzin8 + Uber N00blet
  2. It's not bad at wilderness altar but there is probably financial grants out there if you apply to the right tempest agencies. It's glitched mate. 🙏 Yeah I was 126 yesterday at the scrap we had. 😛
  3. Vanuckle

    99 herb

    Congrats 😄
  4. First time getting this in rs lol.
  5. Haven't had anything weird compared to what's being said here but had Marlin down in Cabo. Was very tasty imo.
  6. I like how google ads has picked up on "ely". Google is always listening.
  7. Tempest vs Ancient Fury Every week, the Tempest storm surges and grows in strength. Always willing to try something new, we set up an earlier fight to make sure we didn't keep our GMT crew up late every day this week! The fight was established and we clashed at west tree for what would be an intense battle. Tempest is used to fighting outnumbered and even though today was no different, we were putting up a stern fight. Over halfway through the cap, there was a small disturbance as a pitiful amount of RoT + SV + Apex + EZ attempted a crash. It took literally seconds for them to be cleared from the map and the fight resumed for another 10 minutes while they rethought their tactics. The fight continued, now at west light, and once again we fought bravely. Both sides were KOing each other in a nice and clean battle, as Rev came up to AC. After a considerable time passed, we started to smell something funky. The crashers had returned, and once again they were eliminated extremely quickly. The fight resumed again, and we battled now at east tree. The crashers, knowing they were having 0 impact, were forced to show their faces on their main accounts. Unfortunately they just couldn't muster up the stamina necessary to stay alive for more than a matter of moments... Pre-types were no more than 4-5 people... SV members were using mithril armour and STEEL ARROWS... The clan coffers are officially empty. Meanwhile, the storm is growing. Unbiasedly very easy for Tempest. Also, welcome back RSD!
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