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  1. Mitch


    What childhood sports did you take up and why? Baseball and soccer Did you ever make it far in the chosen sport? Nowhere in baseball lol. Made varsity in junior year of high school for soccer Are you currently still doing any of the sports you did and how often? No I'm old and a gamer now due to a knee injury playing soccer Proudest accomplishments - Nothing Biggest regrets? Blowing out my knee, thus ending my interest in sports
  2. Gf AF. The mass name change is one of the silliest and worst attempts I've ever seen. Thanks for the farming xp
  3. Always been a Mars or Jupiter fan
  4. Gf Rev thanks for the fun. Ty for AF, WL, etc for acing as well
  5. Strawberry, grape, or apple cinnamon (it's a weird but good mix)
  6. Congrats! Our 126 unit is growing so fast lately
  7. We have the talent. The lines are just in shambles due to lack of chemistry, our goalies are made of swiss cheese, and the coaching is non-existent (although looking up for this year). I even bought an Eichel jersey the day he signed his massive contract. I just want to see them make a run in the playoffs finally.
  8. Been a Sabres fan my entire life. The past decade has been so awful
  9. Always have been a Notre Dame fan. Hoping they can keep the momentum going. After this year most of their known talent will be gone.
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